In Addition To Recent Flights, Air Help Will Also Seek Out Compensation For Flight Delays Or Cancellations That Happened Within The Last 36 Months.

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I found out my rights, and filed a claim that got rejected. But after legal letters back and forth, I got my money. After his success, Zillmer started to help friends and family file their own claims with airlines. Air Help officially launched in January 2015. In addition to recent flights, Air Help will also seek out compensation for flight delays or cancellations that happened within the last 36 months. After signing in with an email account, Air Help will scan your inbox for airline itineraries. If it finds a flight thats eligible for compensation, it will ask for your permission to reach out to the airline on your behalf. As far as security is concerned, Zillmer assures users that Air Help can only look at itineraries from an airline or travel agent. For those travelers still wary of a privacy invasion, travel itineraries can also be sent to Air Help manually. If you become a member (which is free), the site will also track future flights and notify you if compensation becomes available once the flight is completed. According to Air Help, the average claim is about $400 per person, and so far, the startup has helped nearly 900,000 passengers in the European Union (EU) and the United States claim $85 million.

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